Log On Learn

by Stephen Tumulty              

As part of the Transition year course, we were invited to take part in the Log on Learn course.  This project was set up to teach senior citizens how to use computers.  A majority of the older generation is not able to use computers; this is mainly due to the fact that most of them do not feel comfortable using computers as they feel it is too modern for them.  A second reason is that many of them do not see the benefits of being able to use a computer.

My fellow classmates and I volunteered to help teach a group of senior citizens how to use a computer.  We were given tips by the organisers and given out information on what areas to cover.  We were to teach them every Wednesday up to Christmas, our time to teach the group was set from 1.50 p.m. to 3.45 p.m.  The school helped out immensely by allowing us to use the schools library and by allowing us to use the library laptops.

On the first day we were paired up, each of us got a person to teach.  The person I had to teach was a woman called Agnes Finn. Like the rest of the class she learned much that was on the course, such as turning on and off computers, computer parts, how to use the computer software and how to use the internet.  Although we missed many Wednesdays through other events that was held throughout Transition year we still covered many area.

I found Log on Learn very rewarding as I got to help a person get used to a modern invention.  The course was rewarding for me and my classmates as we had all enjoyed teaching the group and we were all satisfied that we helped the group in understanding computers.

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