Transition Year Minicompany


The Transition Year Minicompany programme had a busy and indeed profitable year in 2010/2011.  The TY class as a whole were involved in the usual minicompany projects and activities while a number of smaller groups took the initiative and pursued their own business ideas with successful results.

The Garbally College/Ballinasloe Christmas cards were again very popular, probably helped by the fact that this year’s cards all featured new images, courtesy of the weather in recent years which provided many picturesque winter scenes.  At this stage these cards have a well established, if somewhat niche market and we always receive enquiries about them in the run up to Christmas.

Profits from this enterprise were in the region of €600 however, a substantial portion of this goes to Ballinasloe Social Services, the organisation the the Minicompany Christmas card group have supported since first produced.

The students involved were:
Brian Coleman, Daire Curley, Sean Deane, Ronan Kelly, Andrew Mannion, Padraic McHugh, Matthew McMorrow, Eoin Moran, David Shaughnessy, Daniel Walsh, Jacob Walsh and Ben Willmore.

Another enterprise that went down very well this year was our bird nesting boxes.  These were produced by a group of Transition Year students studying woodwork and greatly assisted by Mr Greg Mannion.  The product was manufactured to a very high quality and was supplied to local hardware shops in late February.  In addition to this a number were sold in the school itself and these bird boxes were particularly popular in the local nation schools where, no doubt, they will be under careful watch during these months. National Gross income for these birdboxes was in excess of €300

The group consisted of :
Evan Blake, Seamus Concannon, Jack Curley, Peter Curley, Raymond Dolan,
Mark Jennings, Ryan McDaid, Ross McKeon, Owen McNally, Fiachra Muldoon,
Jack Parsons, Stephen Tumulty and Liam Ward

A third group made up of students from both the Christmas cards and the bird boxes organised a car wash the week before Easter holidays.  This took place in very fine weather a proved quite successful with gross income of approximately €200.

The profits from these three enterprises were pooled together giving overall net profit of over €800 from group mini company activities.

As mentioned above some of these students also formed smaller groups as follows:
Eoin Moran, Matthew McMorrow, Padraig McHugh and Ross McKeon  marketed and sold small wristbands which incorporated a small digital watch.  This product was novel, lightweight and inexpensive and was popular in the local national schools as well as in the local shops.  The product was sourced in China and imported by this minicompany group.

Sean Deane, Jacob Walsh,  Daire Curley and Daniel Walsh designed and marketed a Garbally College wristband in the College colours and incorporating the Garbally Crest.  This product was sold in the college and also into the local national schools.

Andrew Mannion, Ronan Kelly and David Shaughnessy  came up with the idea that a  customised school T-shirt would be a popular choice with students coming into the summertime.  Their plan was that students could wear the college T-shirt instead of the uniform shirt in very hot weather.

Overall it was a very busy year in Mini Company with good revenue in these high economic times.